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Beers and Shakshuka! That's how we plan to brunch this upcoming Sunday. It's easy. It's not far. It may be just right. Fight off the questionable decisions of your Saturday night and join us bright and mid-early for a unique brunch experience.


Mezze: olives, hummus, baba ghanouj, served with pita

Three courses served family style (w/ challah and additional pita)

Shakshuka #1: Classic: quail eggs, parsley, and Dreamy Creamy cheese*
Shakshuka #2: Libyan: dates, lentils, chicken eggs, toasted couscous, parsley
Shakshuka #3: DC brunch: sausage patties, spinach, mushrooms, chicken eggs, Chesapeake cheddar cheese*

Dessert: baklava (orange walnut, sesame ginger)

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee & First Beer Included w/ Your Ticket

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